Trails Advocates of Central Illinois

Dedicated to improving availability, accessibility, and safety of bike recreation


Advocacy for and maintenance of trails and non-motorized transportation and recreation facilities and accommodations within the Central Illinois region.


Originally founded as Friends of the Rock Island Trail, TACI has been working to develop, maintain, and advocate for multi-use trail systems in and around Peoria since 1994. Whether through volunteerism (helping to keep existing trails clean and functional) or lobbying efforts for retaining or adding new trails, TACI improves the quality of life in Central Illinois by helping make high-quality recreational trails available to all. Peoria’s Rock Island Trail is an amazing asset today but it had a long history of planning and development. We know there are many obstacles to creation of additional new trails but will continue to advocate for expanding access and interconnectivity of trails throughout the Central Illinois region. In 2019 TACI merged with Bike Peoria and has been jointly working towards realization of many common aspects of mission, vision, and organizational values.

Learn more about the trails and other resources available in our area here. We appreciate your respectful use of the trails and your efforts to help keep them free of debris and litter. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

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