Become a Bike Friendly Business

Thank you for considering being a Bike Peoria Bike Friendly Business!

    • What is a Bike Peoria Bike Friendly Business?
      • Bike Peoria’s Bike Friendly Business program is a new initiative aimed at empowering people to travel by bicycle and to promote businesses who support the same.
    • How does it work?
      • By purchasing one of the BFB Packages or Sponsorships you agree to provide BFB Helmet Stickers for sale at, or near, your POS counter. Stickers retail for $5/ea and the POS display includes a registered UPC. You KEEP the payments to recoup your cost!
      • ALL BUSINESSES MUST SELL FOR $5/ea, no free, discounts, sales or promotions.
      • The purchase of this sticker entitles the buyer (and all cyclists who have this sticker) to an associated incentive (TBD by you) for visiting your business by bicycle and presenting the BFB Helmet Sticker (on their helmet).
    • What does it cost you?
      • Cost varies between $125 (for 25 stickers, sell them all and get your money back!) to the Premium Sponsor for $1,000, depending which package you select.
    • Where does your money go?
      • Your money goes towards the costs of these packages.
      • Towards Bike Peoria’s initiatives that include (but are not limited to):
        • Bike Peoria Coop
        • Local advocacy
        • Bicycle education
        • Build-a-bike program at the Peoria Dream Center
        • Kids helmets
        • PSAs
        • School education
        • And other programs to empower people to travel by bicycle.


  • Bike Peoria is a 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit organization and your contribution is fully deductible. Certificate available upon request.


  • How does your business benefit?
    • By supporting Bike Peoria and the local cycling community you will be promoted on websites, Facebook, Twitter, at events, on marketing materials, news coverage, and on organized rides.
    • You will serve more customers and save parking by encouraging people to visit your store by bicycle.
    • You will increase sales by joining a niche network of people who visit by bicycle.
    • Cyclists tend to spend more and are more likely to purchase something per visit than those who visit by foot or car
    • Healthier customers live longer and spend more over their lifetime!
    • Healthier employees cost less to insure, are happier, more productive, and miss fewer days of work due to health.

Bike Friendly Business Tips:

  1. Have a bike rack visible and accessible to everybody (if you don’t have a bike rack let us know we can help).
  2. Locate near bicycle friendly streets or infrastructure. Or let your local government know that you support bicycle-friendly infrastructure near your existing location.
  3. Provide accommodations for employees such as showers, lockers, changing rooms or other conveniences.
  4. Encourage cyclists to wear their helmet by offering a discount with their helmet sticker.
  5. Offer bike maps, water, tools, air and other resources.
  6. Offer incentives to customers and employees to travel by bicycle.
  7. Support local bicycle organizations and national events such as Bike to Work Week.


Become a Bike Friendly Business

    Please select a membership. We will drop off your BFB packet and pick up payment. THANK YOU!