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Save The Rock Island Trail!

Over the last few months one of our greatest treasures not only to Peoria but Central Illinois is slowly being washed away. When all discussion and local news has been pointed to the loss of homes and industry we forgot about the beautiful Rock Island Trail and its need for preservation. Its time has come to be noted as the areas greatest recreational trail system and be given the attention it is deserved.

For more than a decade, the City of Peoria, the village of Peoria Heights and the Peoria Park District have been working to develop a recreational hike/bike trail on the right-of-way of the Kellar line that runs 8.9 from Pioneer Park to Adams Street.The Peoria Park District has secured grants to complete most of the trail construction with an asphalt surface. The southern 2.2 miles at the southern end of the Kellar line will remain intact to service O’Brien Steel Fabrication and the 6.3 miles of right-of- way through Peoria Heights and Peoria will become the trail and will end at Harvard Street where it will link up with the route through Springdale cemetery.

While we tend to think this is the most important part of the trail is within the Peoria area. We would be wrong. This trail spreads from Downtown Peoria all the way to Toulon with as many as five more towns in between. The RIT is and will always be my favorite escape from the city life in Peoria and watching it fall apart over the last few months due to the pour weather has been a horrible and terrifying experience. The changes that have been made by drastic amounts of water to the trail has been detrimental to all of the progress that has been made over the past 20 years. If something isn’t done soon this treasure will be lost or damaged for a very long time if not forever.

While having a discussion with the President of Friends of The Rock Island Trail he said that the most rewarding and motivational moment in his 20 plus years of being president was “seeing the smile on a child’s face riding on the trail for the first time” and loosing that experience would mean loosing a whole generation of outdoor enthusiasts and supporters of the RIT. Lets not let this happen.

The following pictures are of the Spoon River erosion and how it has worsened to the point that it is no longer safe to pass. Also a section of trail has been washed out between Streitmatter Rd and County Line Rd. It is approximately 25 feet across and 10 feet deep. The trail is now closed in this area as well as the previously closed sections from Wyoming to Toulon. This washout severs the trail continuum between Wyoming and Princeville.



Not passable!

Not passable!


Now… Lets get weird Peoria!

Now that Peoria Bike Summer is over and we have received a great amount of attention and the ears of the City Council and Mayor we can finally lay back and get weird…. I’m talking about going back to the feeling you had from riding as a kid. Or if you are a kid make us cool and ride with us. If you’ve never road as a child then you are one lucky duck because you still have that feeling. Lets get together and RIDE!!!

This past Sunday on our closing ride we had a ton of fun. We had one flat tire… and a minor spill but we survived and made it to the party. As we ended back at Studio 825 we had one hell of a BBQ with some amazing music. As the party began a beautiful young lady that went by the name of Michelle got up and decided she wanted to ride the tall bike. She literally rocked the block!

Michelle is doing it right on a tall bike!

Michelle is doing it right on a tall bike!


A the party went on and we decided to take the music to the streets with our newly developed bike trailer that has was donated personally by Dr. Dre and Beats! I know it… we are awesome! Thanks!



Taking the party to the streets!

Taking the party to the streets!

So if you would like to be apart of Bike Dance Party on 4th please feel free to meet up and move those wheels. We are going to be in the West Peoria Parade as well as a ride after the fireworks. Please feel free to join!


"I can do a bunny hop"

“I can do a bunny hop”




Alley Cats and Bike Paths



Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 11.45.22 AM

The race check points and most common route

This past Sunday we had a very exciting day in the Peoria Bike Scene. It all started bright and early at 3:30pm in Giant Oak Park where a top secret five card poker run Alley Cat race was held. When we arrived the race promoters gave us four check points, a special edition playing card, a map and 30 minutes to figure out our route. We started the race with an old fashioned arm wrestling contest and then we took on the streets of Peoria!

Keep fighting until you finally win!

Keep fighting until you finally win!


The Check Points:

Start: Giant Oak Park

  • McClure Branch Library
  • Franciscan Recreation Center
  • Glen Oak Park Pavilion
  • Parking Garage on Water St.

End: Giant Oak Park

It was a really exciting and close race having Steve Hinrichsen taking the high podium spot at first place and Dan Waite coming in a close second and Brad Nauman taking all the glory at third place. Keeping the top three times under 45 minutes climbing some of the most traitorous hills Peoria has to offer. With all of three of these class A athletes taking the podium we had a lovely young lady named Jasmin Garcia take the best hand with four 10’S. She by far brought the whole race to a stand still of anticipation with a victory for the female riders of Peoria. All in all it was a great and very exciting race! Can’t wait to do it again.

Steve(1), Dan(2) and Brad(3)

Steve(1), Dan(2) and Brad(3)











As for the Guerrilla Streets and Sanitation work while Rocking The Block later that day we the Alley Cats of Peoria took on the appropriate task to break all the barriers and make our own bike lane. In proper

The Real Champion of the Day!

The Real Champion of the Day!

action to show our unhappiness with the decision to not incorporate any bikes lanes in the new construction plans for washington street we decided to make our own. A little DIY street work before they tore up the street and began construction. The turnout was minimal but effective. We hope to gain momentum from all of this and get the word out and have more people at our next gathering.



Dozer Park

Win Or Lose, We Still Cruise

Great night last night for baseball at O’Brien err… Dozer Park. It was a high scoring affair and the Chiefs staged a late comeback, but the LumberKings held on for the 8-5 victory.

Peoria Chiefs

No worries though, a great time was had at Bike Peoria’s first-ever “Bike To The Ballpark” ride. In case you missed it, here is a brief recap of the scenes around the park…

bike valets

Bike valets. This should be a new “thing” in Peoria.


Bikes around the ballpark. So much less space needed than a boring old parking lot.

Friends of the Rock Island Trail


Friends of Bike Peoria showing off their duds. Thanks to Multi-Sport Extravaganza, Friends Of The Rock Island Trail, and Illinois Cycle and Fitness for having your representative tables there. Special thanks to Bushwhacker for providing the rack and the Peoria Chiefs for having us!


Tim and his Bike Peoria bike. This fan favorite is one tall drink of water.

And of course the most ridiculous thing you could imagine during the 8th inning. BIKE JOUSTING!

If you couldn’t make the Chiefs game, don’t worry, there’s another great event tonight. The Peoria Bike Summer Bike Art Show is taking place at Studio 825 in Peoria from 5-10pm. Ride up and check out some really unique art!

If you want to know when our next events are, please check out the Peoria Bike Summer and Pedal Peoria links to the side. Peoria Bike Summer is not only about some great events, it’s about taking in normal day-to-day activities by bike.

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Sunday Sunny Sunday

I’m pretty sure we’re all sick of the rain around here by now, so today looks to be a great day to get out and ride. There’s a lot happening around  Peoria, so make sure if you’re going, go by bike!

Day 2 fun of Bike Summer:

  • Bike to Church – Didn’t make the early service? Join your fellow parishioners, clergy men and women in riding your bicycle to service on the holiest day of the week.
  • Where’s The Rack, Peoria? – Where’s the Rack Ride – Come out and have some fun riding bikes with friends while helping to complete the Peoria bicycle rack map! We’ll start at Terwyn Park (2219 Idaho Street) around 7 AM, and split up in teams to cover major streets in Peoria (Sterling, University, Sheridan, Knoxville, Wisconsin, & Prospect) noting locations of bicycle racks along the way. All routes will end back up at Leaves and Beans in Peoria Heights for coffee & prizes! This ride is FREE and helmets are REQUIRED to participate. We will not be returning to Terwyn Park after the ride is over, so we highly recommended you ride your bike to the start! All routes will be between 8-10 miles. Please bring a camera or camera phone with you to help document the rack locations. Notebooks will be provided if you do not have access to a camera. For questions, please contact Mike Honnold at 309-696-2591 OR

Also, there is the Market On Moss today from 9-3. If you haven’t been in years past – it’s a must do. Check out their Facebook page to find out more Market On Moss.

Send us your pictures of you around Peoria on bike! Instagram or Twitter #bikepeoria