An Intro From Brent Baker

Hey There!

My name is Brent Baker and I’m the new president of Bike Peoria! Just look how serious I look in that photo, if you were wondering, that’s what it takes to be president; also, owning five bikes. But for real, I couldn’t be more excited to serve in this role.

My Bike Peoria story began in the Spring of 2014 when I purchased a $50 bike on Craigslist, a 1974 Raleigh Sprite (which could now be yours). I hadn’t owned a bike in over 10 years and I was eager to get back into it. I had heard a bit about Bike Peoria and Bike Peoria Co-op (then in it’s infancy) from friends and decided to go check it out.

I showed up one day at Bike Peoria Co-op and got some guidance on how to fix a brake that had exploded off my bike and fell in love with the place. I started showing up more, tearing apart stuff on my bike, helping out around the shop, learning by doing, and before I knew it, I was hosting my own open hours (which I still operate every Saturday).

I also started attending Bike Peoria monthly meetups, I became a member, began volunteering to coordinate events, to post stuff on Craigslist, to represent the organization at public events, and wouldn’t you know it, I ended up as president.

All this to say, two years ago, I was just remembering how to ride a bike. In these two short years, this organization has introduced me to so many incredible people that are now fast friends. Thanks to Dan Waite, Tim Beeney, Jordan Blimbaum,  the number of founders still involved, and outgoing president Erik Reader,  for getting Bike Peoria off the ground. I’m proud to have the privilege to serve as president for the next two years and help this organization become the best it can be!

Biking, for me, is more than a hobby or a recreational outlet, it represents socioeconomic equity, having the power to change how our cities work and to challenge the established practices of how we interact with our built environment; okay, it’s also just fun as shit to ride around on a bike. Feel free to shoot me an email or text if you’d like to chat further about how you can get involved or if you just want to learn more about Bike Peoria.

Brent Baker