Gear up at the Bike Peoria Co-op


Time hides the genius of progress.

Take this group of rear derailleurs from the Bike Peoria parts bin. In 1948, any one of these derailleurs would have been revolutionary.

Instead, that year’s winning Tour de France bicycle featured a four-speed freewheel and a shifter that required the rider to 1) reach toward the rear of the bike to flip open the rear wheel’s quick-release lever, 2) move a second lever to slap the chain to the next cog, and 3) close the quick-release lever. Every shift took a lot of skill.

Every one of these parts-bin derailleurs shifts faster and more accurately. For a dollar each.

That old bicycle at the back of the garage? It doesn’t take much to get it back into winning condition.

Just a trip to the Bike Peoria Co-op. Check for here for shop hours.